Men have lost the ability to be effective in their lives. Most men are stressed, emotionally disconnected, & feel isolated. You have been told that "boys don't cry" & "real men don't show emotion." You are also told to not be too confident & strong or it is considered "Toxic Masculinity." This leaves us feeling angry, alone & isolated, feeling like we are the only one that faces these challenges. Men don't know how they are supposed to act. I can show you how to take control and live a happy life you love by being a GREAT MAN.


Let me help you be a GREAT MAN

Watch this video to learn more about how & why I can help you build the life you want. I have made SO many mistakes in my life; I now know what to teach you to help you avoid ruining your life. As men, we ALL make the same mistakes that destroy our lives, watch this to learn how to prevent ruining yours.


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Men struggle to ask for help when they are facing challenges. These are the signs you need some support. Don't ignore them.


The smallest thing in your life has your temper exploding, and you don't know why. Your child spills something, someone cuts you off in traffic, your wife asks you to do something, or someone challenges something you have done, and your head explodes.

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You always feel like you are just barely getting by day to day in your life. Every day feels the same with no real happiness or excitement. It is "The same shit, different day" scenario, EVERY DAY. Everyone else seems happy, but you are not. You just don't know how to change it.

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There are people all around you, yet you feel totally alone. You feel isolated and disconnected from the people who love you. You constantly push them away from you. You feel like no one understands what it is like to feel like this. You feel totally isolated. 

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It just doesn't feel like there is a way out. It feels like the walls are closing in, and you don't know what to do. You wake up every day dreading the day ahead. Only alcohol, gambling, food, or sex give you any break from the feeling of hopelessness. You just want it to end.

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This isn't theory, I have lived it...

I have been through significant challenges in my life and have spent 17 years educating myself on how to overcome them. THAT is the information that’s in this course.

My parents divorced when I was 12 years old. I felt lonely, isolated & withdrawn all through my teenage years.

I became a Police Officer at 19, hoping that would be the answer to my feelings of unhappiness. I finally felt I fitted in somewhere.

At 22 I joined the Police K9 Unit dealing with levels of violence and evil that I never imagined existed. On a daily basis, I encountered armed robberies, murders, domestic violence, shootings, car chases, and anything that involved violence and severe injury.

All of this violence took its toll on me. At 31 I was diagnosed with PTSD and Depression. I battled suicide for many years following this diagnosis. I lay in bed three nights in a row with my Glock pistol going to shoot myself. I stood on the outside of a 26th-floor balcony at a party going to jump.

I left the Police and lost my identity and spent three years lost and in a hole. I drank heavily and used Cocaine and Ecstacy regularly.

My daughter was born when I was 35, and my second daughter at 38. They saved my life and gave me a reason to change. I did every course, workshop & retreat I could find. I worked with mentors, mental health professionals, and alternative healers. I did everything I could to try and get out of the darkness I was in.

I have been through divorce and an 18-month custody battle in Family Court to get access to my daughters. I know what it is like to be isolated and alone.

I now live a fantastic life. I have a beautiful relationship with my daughters, an amazing partner who loves me, a career/business that I love, and I finally feel like my life is on track. I never imagined it could be this great.

I have spent so long educating myself, and I continue to seek out new answers every day. Personal development has become my obsession, and I use that knowledge to help others. That is the information and education in this course.



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"An exceptionally good guide on how to be the best version of yourself, relevant for men of all ages and all occupations. This will leave you wanting to make the right changes in your life and live to your full potential. Shaun’s positive energy, passion and vulnerability is evident throughout the course as he demonstrates so clearly what it takes to be a strong Alpha male. I would recommend this course to every man I know. "

Great content and delivery
Bernie N

"I would like to thank Shaun O’Gorman for the time and effort he has put into me in all aspects of my life. The changes in believing myself. The positive actions, dealing with negative emotions, and creating my life in a positive way has changed my life completely in every aspect, business, emotionally, family and most importantly myself"

Life changing
Tim S

"I highly recommend Shaun O’Gorman and the Strong Life Project. He will challenge the way you think, change how you deal with everyday situations allowing you to become emotionally connected and more emotionally aware. Not only dealing with stress but to be more connected with your life, creating self-worth and learning to love yourself."

Real information
Shane J

Why should I buy this course?

By taking this course today, you'll get the complete blueprint on how to be a GREAT MAN and live the life you truly want. It is a NO BULLSHIT approach to living as the best version of you possible.

I will show you how you are creating the very challenges that are keeping you miserable. 

The course consists of 13 modules containing 18 videos, 18 audio downloads & 18 PDF summary sheets, just over 3 hours of video content. You can download the audio files & PDF summaries to always have this information with you as a blueprint to live the life you want.

I’ll teach you how to take the life you are living now & turn it into a life you truly love. I’ll show you everything you need to know about living a great life. You will live a confident, productive & emotionally connected life as a great husband/partner, father, friend, & professional. I’ll show you how to build your ideal life surrounded by people you love, enjoying the success you desire.

I’ll show you how to care less about what other people think. You will understand you are capable of living a great life if you are prepared to do the work. By the end of our time together, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the happiness, success & contentment you have wanted for so long.



What will I learn?

ACTION is the key to your life

Getting into action to create what you want in your life is critical. Learn how to get into action and what action to take to create the life you want.


Don't FORCE life

When you use force to try to make something happen, all you do is cause damage. I will show you how to be effective when you feel force is the only way.


The more you give, the more you receive

In a society based on the "GIVE ME" principle, I explain why giving to others is a far more productive and rewarding strategy for your life.


Creating peace in the mayhem

How do you stay calm and peaceful when everything around you is blowing up? Learn how to create peace in the drama of dealing with life.


You can't change it

Sometimes there are things that happen in you life that are out of your control. What can you do to minimise the impact of these situations on you and your life? 


Be prepared for tough times

EVERYONE faces tough times in their life. How do you handle them and how do you turn them into opportunities.?


Self-control is the key to HAPPINESS

Living with self control will lead you to a life full of happiness and peace. Learn how to develop self control in this course.


Look for progress

When you learn to look for progress, rather than always looking for where you have failed, you will see a vast improvement in your circumstance.


Be a loving, powerful, & connected leader

It is our job as men to be effective leaders for ourselves and those we love, yet most men fail miserably at this task. You can learn how to be a great leader in this course.


5 strategies to long-term happiness

Learn the 5 key strategies to implement into your daily routine to make a HUGE difference in your life as well as your level of happiness, contentment, and satisfaction.



If you go through this course and get nothing from it I will refund your money with no questions asked. Just contact me and I will process your refund. Easy as that. That's how confident I am this  will change your life.



To get a FREE preview of the first two modules of the "How to be a GREAT MAN" course please click the FREE PREVIEW button below.

You can watch the introduction video explaining exactly what the course contains and how it will help you change your life.

Then you can watch Shaun's full story video that will help you understand why he is so uniquely qualified to help you live a life you love.


If you are still not convinced how much value this course will offer to your life then please click the FREE PREVIEW button to learn more. 



The ONLY way anything is going to change in your life is if you get off your ASS & change it. NO ONE ELSE IS COMING. No one is going to fix the shit that doesn't work in your life for you; you have to do the work. If your life is perfect, just the way it is, DON'T click through to start the course. I'd suggest if you have come this far through this information, that is definitely not the case. Stop BULLSHITTING yourself & GET INTO ACTION!!!


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