Every day you deal with shit most people couldn't imagine. This takes a massive toll on you, your family and your life in general. Let me help you change that.



Being a Police Officer has a huge impact because we are not built to see and deal with the shit we experience every day. You will see more in one shift than 99% of people will see in their entire life. You HAVE to take action to minimise this impact or it could cost you your job, your family, and even your life. Please watch ALL of this video to learn more.





Being a Police Officer takes an enormous toll on you personally. These are the signs the job is affecting you. Don't ignore them.


The smallest thing in your life has your temper exploding, and you don't know why. Your child spills something, someone cuts you off in traffic, your wife/husband asks you to do something, or someone challenges something you have done, and your head explodes.

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You MUST sit with your back to the wall in a cafe/restaurant. You have an escape plan for every place you enter. You have a code word for your family if you see a criminal you know in public. You can NEVER relax. You are ALWAYS on edge. There is NO switching off.

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There are people all around you, yet you feel totally alone. You feel isolated and disconnected from the people who love you. You constantly push them away from you. You feel like no one understands what it is like to feel like this. You feel totally isolated. 

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It just doesn't feel like there is a way out. It feels like the walls are closing in, and you don't know what to do. You wake up every day dreading the day ahead. Only alcohol, gambling, food, or sex give you any break from the feeling of hopelessness. You just want it to end.

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This isn't theory, I have lived it...

I spent 13 years as a frontline Police Officer. 9 of those years were as a K9 handler. I know first hand what it is like to deal with the violence and trauma we see on the job. I also know the impact it has on you, your family and your life.

 Being a Police Officer was my lifelong dream, my father was a Cop for 42 years and highly decorated for bravery, my uncle retired as an Assistant Commissioner of Police. It was our family business.

I joined the Police at 19 years old, I was so happy to be finally doing the job I had waited my whole life to do. I was 150% motivated to be the best Police Officer I could possibly be. I immediately got involved in every violent and dangerous situation I possibly could. I hated days off as all I wanted to do was get out on patrol and do Police work.

At 22 I joined the Police K9 Unit dealing with levels of violence and evil that I never imagined existed. On a daily basis, I encountered armed robberies, murders, domestic violence, shootings, car chases, and anything that involved violence and severe injury. I worked very closely with the SWAT team as a tactical dog handler attending raids, sieges and armed offender incidents.

I also worked for two years in the Covert and Surveillance Unit working on major and organised crime gangs who were importing drugs, committing armed robberies and engaging in any other form of violent crime you can think of.

All of this violence took its toll on me. At 31 I was diagnosed with PTSD and Depression. I battled suicide for many years following this diagnosis. I lay in bed three nights in a row with my Glock pistol going to shoot myself. I stood on the outside of a 26th-floor balcony at a party going to jump.

I left the Police and lost my identity and spent three years lost and in a hole. I drank heavily and used Cocaine and Ecstacy regularly and contemplated suicide most days. I got married during this period, not the smartest move considering the mindset I was in. My life was spiralling and I did not know how to stop it.

My daughter was born when I was 35, and my second daughter at 38. They saved my life and gave me a reason to change. I did every course, workshop & retreat I could find. I worked with mentors, mental health professionals, and alternative healers. I did everything I could to try and get out of the darkness I was in. I have continued this education process for the past 17 years

I have been through divorce and an 18-month custody battle in Family Court to get access to my daughters. I know what it is like to be isolated and alone.

I now live a fantastic life. I have a beautiful relationship with my daughters, an amazing partner who loves me, a career/business that I love, and I finally feel like my life is on track. I never imagined it could be this great. I am truly living my purpose to help others and make a difference, the very reason I joined the job in the first place.

I have spent so long educating myself, and I continue to seek out new answers every day. Personal development has become my obsession, and I use that knowledge to help other Police Officers to not fall into the same trap I did, or to climb out of the dark hole I feel into if that is where they are at. That is the information and education in this course.

I have walked the path you are on, or have been on. This isn't some theoretical bullshit, this is the information and education I have used to help thousands of police over the past few years. I have had hundreds of cops tell me I have saved them from disaster in their lives, saved their marriages,  stopped them from taking their own lives, helped them realise why they are self destructing, plus so much more.

If you want things in your life to be different, and you want to minimise the impact the job has on you and the people you love, then you're in the right place. 


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You can watch the introduction video explaining exactly what the course contains and how it will help you change your life.

Then you can watch my full story video that will help you understand why I am so uniquely qualified to help you deal with the impact of the job.

I have spent 17 years educating myself on how to get out of that hole and now I use that same information to help other cops avoid getting to where I did. I have delivered over 100 workshops to departments in Australia with amazing feedback from Police telling me this is the best course they have ever done in their whole career. That is the information that is in this course.


If you are not sure this course can help you deal with what you see and experience on the job then please click the FREE PREVIEW button to learn more. 

If you decide to purchase this course and then decide it is not for you I will give you your money back, no questions asked. That's how confident I am this will help you.


"I found this information to be a real eye opener. I have been in "The Job" going on 11 years now and I'm looking forward to putting this information into practice so I can be the person that my wife knew before I got into the job. Cheers Shaun "

Thanks Shaun
Mick Crawford

"I was recommended this course after finding myself in a very similar situation to Shaun himself. I have been a police officer since 2011, some of it working SAU but almost all of it on patrol and like so many of us, I bottled up and put on my tough face everyday instead of dealing with the job that was slowly killing me. The things Shaun talks about in this course are true and he presents them in a very matter of fact, cut the bullshit sort of way. He gives you information and solutions to help get you back to being the warrior that you truly are. Shaun puts the ball back in your court and it’s up to you get up and do the work. I highly recommend this course. Take it, soak in the information—you’ll thank me later."

When you need a hand, this course will offer one
Devon Edwards

"This course is an absolute must for First Responders and Emergency Services Personnel. I have worked through the Survive the Job that’s trying to kill you course. I watched intently each of the 7 Videos and had a look at the notes and PDF’s. There is some amazing content here, congratulations Shaun on offering some of the best training in this space I have seen. Complimented by your daily Podcasts and Web Page Resources at The Strong Life Project and I only wish I had this when I first started in the Police. I see a need for this to be rolled out at the infancy of recruit training and if I had these tools and knowledge when I started in the job I do often question would I be where I am today with my PTSD and Anxiety injuries and working so very hard on recovery. Thank you and Best Wishes, MACCA"

You must add this course to your Life Kit Bag
Brendan Maccione

"Reading Shaun’s book had me instantly embarking on a path of self-reflection and new awareness. It was like a light had come on and for much of it I was reading about myself….I had shared similar experiences, made similar career and life choices and experienced the same frustration, anger and distrust. Whilst I had a level of understanding that the negativity was fed by the stressors of work, I’d never thought to examine the root causes and develops a plan to address them. This course is delivered by Shaun with complete honesty and sincerity and underpins in a simple and practical manner what began with his book. The 5 key behaviours he speaks of are simply good common sense. Committing to and applying them in unison will have the strongest positive effect and I’m looking forward to more detailed advice on their practical application. "

A new road.....
Tim Dawe

"This course in invaluable. The 5 key behaviours are 5 of the most important balances to include in your life. I wish I knew about them 20 years ago when I first started. Comparing life before and after I incorporated these I see myself as two different people completely. Do the course, you'll be kicking yourself that you weren't made aware of 5 things so simple yet invaluable to your mental health "

Skills that balance your life
Ben MacKenzie

"Thanks for the course Shaun, highlights the strategies required and once would not have been considered or would have been deemed to be a weakness to employ...look forward to more from the Strong Life Project."

Great Course
Guy Shields

Why should I buy this course?

By taking this course today, you'll get the education and information that took me 17 years to put together. This information helped me reverse PTSD and depression. It allowed me to escape the suicidal thoughts I had experienced for many years. You will get the knowledge to protect yourself from the impact of the job you do. It is a NO BULLSHIT approach to living the best life possible for you. This information has helped thousands of Police all over the world...IT WORKS!!!

I will show you how you are creating the very situations that are keeping you miserable. 

The course consists of 7 modules containing 13 videos, 13 audio downloads & 18 PDF summary sheets. You can download the audio files & PDF summaries to always have this information with you as a blueprint to live the life you want.

I’ll teach you how to take the life you are living now & turn it into a life you truly love. I’ll show you everything you need to know to deal with the job and lessen the impact it has on you and your family. You can live a confident, productive & emotionally connected life as a great spouse/partner, parent, friend, & Police Officer. I’ll show you how to build your ideal life while dealing with the shit that you see and experience on the job.

I’ll show you how to care less about what other people think, learn to control your reactions to the things you can't control, and deal with the stress that comes from being a Police Officer. You can live a great life if you are prepared to do the work. By the end of our time together, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the happiness, success & contentment you have wanted for so long. Ask yourself what would it be like living without the constant stress, pressure, fear and ANGER that accompanies being a Police Officer???



Hyper Vigilance & Hyper Awareness

Why you sit with your back to the wall everywhere you go and how to handle this. How to understand this behaviour and lessen it's impact while maintaining your situational awareness

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How to deal with what you experience

You will see more in one shift than most people see their entire life. Learn how to deal with what you see and minimise the impact on yourself and your family. 

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Why does the job affect people differently?

Every situation affects people differently. We ALL have different reactions to what we see on the job. Learn why this occurs and how to deal with the impacts.

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How to minimize the impact on your family

The people we love the most are the ones who see the worst of us. Learn how to manage the stress and impact of the job so it doesn't ruin your family. They didn't join the job, you did.

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5 key strategies to deal with being a Police Officer

Learn the 5 strategies that will have a positive and practical influence on what you see and experience as a cop. These are real life tools not make believe hopes and wishes. 

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Design your own Critical Stress Management Plan

The information you will learn in this course will allow you to design your own plan to deal with the impact of the job in your life. This will be something you can use for the rest of your life.

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If you go through this course and get nothing from it I will refund your money with no questions asked. Just contact me and I will process your refund. Easy as that. That's how confident I am this  will change your life.

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This job does affect you and your family, it is time to start minimising that impact. The ONLY way anything is going to change in your life is if you get off your ASS & change it. NO ONE ELSE IS COMING. You risk your life every day to do a job most people could never do, now it is time to start looking after you and your family so that same dedication doesn't ruin YOUR life. I'd suggest if you have come this far through this information, you know you need to do something. Stop BULLSHITTING yourself & GET INTO ACTION!!! 

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