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Shaun O'Gorman

Shaun suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and clinical depression after his 13-year police career. He drank excessively, was very angry, and came extremely close to suicide many times. Many appointments with psychiatrists and psychologists followed, but there was one problem. They could tell him why he was the way he was, but NO ONE could tell him how to change it.

What followed was a 17-year journey of personal development courses, study, education, working with coaches and mentors, and finding every piece of information possible on resilience, stress, and leadership. He had an end goal of healing himself and becoming an effective leader in his own life.

He now devotes his life to helping others using the knowledge, education, and experience that helped him help himself. While forging a successful corporate executive career after leaving the Police, Shaun developed and now continues to follow his passion for helping other people.

The Strong Life Project

Shaun went on to establish “The Strong Life Project” which includes mentoring, workshops, keynote speeches, books, daily podcasts and blogs focused on providing tools and strategies to empower people to overcome difficulties, conquer challenges, manage stress and live happy and enjoyable lives.

Shaun now works as a human behaviour and performance consultant to Police officers & departments, military personnel, corrections officers, first responders, corporate executives, legal professionals, athletes, schools, business owners and individuals, helping them develop behaviours and strategies to manage stress and pressure, build resilience, and become loving, powerful & connected leaders in their lives and workplaces.

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